Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Make Money From Youtube?

Do you earn from youtube?

Firstly you go to this site youtube and sign up with youtube and login your account then you upload your real video or picture slideshow. You don't copy another person video. If you copy others person video then google not submit your add your site. So, you make real video and earn from youtube a lot of money. just improve your youtube account in upload video then you apply youtube partners program then google has give you add.

Do you know how to make money from you tube? can a make general video? then you can make money from youtube.Making money from youtube comes down to videos and somehow getting your videos to rank well. If you can somehow put this two together youtube & video in a way that it can benefit a person, a business or a site, then you can easily make money from you tube. Luckily, you don’t have to come up with any ideas on your own. Here is a straight forward step by step method that you can use on youtube. We will use YouTube videos to rank well for the keyword since YouTube videos are hot and rank easily for their keywords. Here is what you need to do to make money with youtube

Simple video:

Firstly you make a simple video from car shops, Fashion house,Natural viseo and other then you upload your video on youtube. Go to the bar owner and tell him or her that you would make a free advertising video for the bar and upload it on YouTube.which will help him gain more business, IF he lets you shoot a short video of his bar. Most local businesses will have no problem with that. In fact they will be happy to let you advertise their business for free. Take your camcorder and shoot a short video of the bar and what its all about. Be creative, you want to make it as interesting as possible. Maybe ask the owner about any special event they may have, like a karaoke night or free beer for ladies night or what have you and plan to shoot your video that night to capture how people are having fun and are happy and blah blah blah. Remember, you want to make people want to come to this place.

But what if you don’t have a camcorder or cant shoot a video for some reason? No worries, you can simply take a few photographs of the bar and the crowd. Capture what you can about this place in a few pictures. Keep it simple and short.

Build slide show:

Use a free tool like Animation to turn your photos into a professional video slide show. You can  use this tool to enhance your video and make it more professional. you can add music, headlines and etc. This free tool lets you crate professional looking slide shows easily. You don’t have to be a geek to work with this thing.

Important: Don’t forget to place your name, website, phone number or any other info in the beginning and at the end of the video, This is how people can find you if they want a similar video made for their business. This is how you will be making your money.

Upload your video to YouTube: 

take your video/slide show and upload it to YouTube. After all, the question was how to make money on youtube! To get the most out of your youtube video, use rich keywords that describes the video, like local bars in jessore, best local bar in Dhaka.

Next, write a very descriptive summary of the bar and what it is all about. Simply write a review of the bar and link to the bar’s website, twitter page, Facebook Page  etc. Most businesses have a website and a page on most big social networking sites these days. If your targeted bar doesn’t have it, you just found another opportunity to make some money, offer to create a simple website or Facebook fan page or what have you. But that requires another article. Lets focus back on what we were doing. 

Backlinks to your video:

Just like many other money making methods that are promoted online, making money with youtube require a little bit of link building. Though, in most cases you don’t have to do much. As I said, ranking locally is pretty easy. So, your video with good keywords and description will likely rank high for its keywords. But, to be on the safe side, you can build a few backlinks to the video to help it rank higher. All you have to do is write a few articles related to bars and include a link pointing back to your video of course with your keyword as anchor text and submit to a few top article directories. You can also upload your video to other video sites as well.


This is all based on one very important fact, competitors always keep an eye on each other. So, pretty soon your video will be seen by other local bars. And as any sane competitor would want to do, they would want to be the one on that video. That’s where your business info in the beginning and at the end of your video comes to play. 

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